Safe Harbour


I wrote awhile back about how we have been busy this year . Busy is such an unassuming word. Using it implies that one basically “got things done”. It does not, however, lend insight into what actually transpired while one “got things done”.

Every sailor that has plied the seas, has at one time or another, dreamed of reaching a safe harbour. These thoughts were perhaps more often than not, conjured up during an October gale as the sailors’ ship was racing down the face of a 30 foot wave.

“Oh, to be on solid footing, where  waves can be heard crashing upon a distant shore”.

These two sailors decided to ensure that indeed, we do have a safe harbour to return to and that this would be our special place. Of course, it is close to the sea so that we may feel her energy during an autumn storm and the tranquility she provides on a calm summer evening.

Our safe harbour is partially complete as I write. Soul Balladeer waits quietly in her slip. She is loved. Soon we will venture forth, knowing that Soul Balladeer will provide safe haven until we reach our safe harbour.

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Winter Prep

We moved SB over to another finger so that she wasn’t broadside with the South Easterlies that are starting to growl. Before that, however, it was time to give her bottom a little love.

She is now into wind, and I can actually put her winter coat on without worrying about windage.


Before the pressure wash


after 14 months in the water


After the wash


After the wash 🙂


Lots of fenders


Into wind for the winter


Its been awhile since I have added a post. As most of us have figured out, life is what happens when you are making plans, and the last 5 months are testament to that.

Soul Balladeer has been resting at the dock while we have been tending to things ashore. Work has taken up a great deal of time and hopefully we can adjust that in the future but for now, we are pretty busy.

I’m looking forward to the time when Denise and I will be able to throw off the dock lines and disappear along the coast for a period of time. Taking pics of wildlife and painting them at home during the winter months is definitely on the bucket list. I am fortunate enough to have time to dabble in painting during the evenings when I am away at work as it’s a great stress reducer and I’m learning more with every stroke.

Here is my first attempt at painting birds with attitude:  Oil on Acrylic



I have almost finished my second one so hopefully it will turn out and I can post it soon.

We all have our passions in life and if there is one lesson I have learned in this journey, it is to follow your passion whatever it may be. Live LARGE folks.

As Good as It Gets

The washer/ dryer is now installed. We ran the plumbing off the lines that went to the aft head. In addition the 1 1/4 inch drain line has a dedicated bronze thruhull above the water line on the starboard side.

The venting was a bit of an issue , however, I decided to get the metal shop to fabricate a vent that would fit into the existing porthole situated in the workshop area. The SS vent ended in a 4″ diameter hole in order to mate with the dryer hose. A rubber gasket was fit around the vent so that it would fit tightly in the porthole. Finally, a SS eyebrow was fabricated and installed on the outside of the porthole in order that while at port, the rain wouldn’t run into the vent.

Running the dryer exhaust through a porthole allows us to close it up when underway as well.

Eventually we will encase the washer/dryer in a nice teak cabinet. For now, I just like looking at it. Only someone with sea legs can fully appreciate my last comment.:)


I should mention that this unit weighs 140 lbs. In order to get it down to where it now sits, I took off the front knobs and the front door. Dan and I then gently lowered it through the companionway from the pilothouse to the lower salon with 1/8 inch of clearance on each side. It was definitely a “wow” moment.

Comforts of Home

It is pretty safe to say that Denise and I have both roughed it when we were younger. Whether  living out of a tent on the edge of a oil rig lease in Alberta (Me), or crewing aboard a 33 ft fishing boat off the west coast of Haida Gwaii (Denise), we have both been there and done that.

Now, in our 50’s, we look at things a little differently. Yes we could use a scrub board or spend hours at a laundry mat , but hey, why not bite the bullet and get a marine washer/ dryer.

We just ordered a Splendide W/D vented 2100 XC . The unit will arrive on the 23rd so I’ll make a trip to the business that has ordered it for us and have it installed by Christmas.

It really will be a comfort in Soul Balladeer, our new home.