Comforts of Home

It is pretty safe to say that Denise and I have both roughed it when we were younger. Whether  living out of a tent on the edge of a oil rig lease in Alberta (Me), or crewing aboard a 33 ft fishing boat off the west coast of Haida Gwaii (Denise), we have both been there and done that.

Now, in our 50’s, we look at things a little differently. Yes we could use a scrub board or spend hours at a laundry mat , but hey, why not bite the bullet and get a marine washer/ dryer.

We just ordered a Splendide W/D vented 2100 XC . The unit will arrive on the 23rd so I’ll make a trip to the business that has ordered it for us and have it installed by Christmas.

It really will be a comfort in Soul Balladeer, our new home.


Moving Aboard

Life really is a journey.

If anyone had told me 5 years ago that I would be moving aboard our HC 44 PH (that I hadn’t bought yet) with my future wife (whom I hadn’t reconnected with yet), I would consider them to be a “few stands off bottom.” This is an old oil patch term for being, of course….. crazy.

Well put away the white suit, all the above and more has transpired since 2010.

I have reconnected with my darling wife, we have gotten married, we have both sold homes, purchased  a home, sold that, purchased a very tired Soul Balladeer, purchased acreage for our future forever home, and now, in 6 days, we will be moving aboard Soul Balladeer. Wow.

There are many that dream of the dream….to live a minimalist yet enriched life on a yacht. To live out of the box, or perhaps, in a box.

I can say one thing with conviction for any male contemplating such a move. Your dream will only be a fantasy unless your partner, aka the boss, is the type that approaches life as you do. How is that you ponder? Well, LIFE is a blank page that can be anything you want it to be….just write the script.

Be bold, for one day, you will be old.

So, our 4 grown children are going to be spending Christmas with us aboard this year. It will be a Christmas of connection, not consumption. I’m sure we will be bumping into one another as we navigate the passageways, but we will undoubtedly connect in a traditional sense, engage and perhaps learn more about ourselves and each other.

For me, that is the prize.

Heat is Good

As I write, the Kabola K7 hydronic heating system is being installed in Soul Balladeer.

We will have 5 zones:

Fwd head/shower- Small fan unit

Pullmans berth- Single large fan unit

Lower salon- Double large fan unit

Pilothouse- Double large fan unit

Aft Cabin- Double large fan unit

The system puts out 23,700 BTU and heats the solaris hot water tank as well. This is great in the PNW as we can now extend our cruising season to full year and have hot showers at will.

Hot showers are good. When you have access to a hot shower, you tend to use it more, the direct result of which is that people don’t mind being around you . It’s all good.


K7 boiler


Hydronic Fan units


Refinishing the Sole

After the diesel day tank was replaced with a new aluminum one, the teak/ holly sole had to be replaced in the lower salon that had been removed to gain access to the tank.

The next step will be to sand down the lower salon sole completely and then refinish using 2 coats of gloss and a top coat of satin varnish. This is the first step in the eventual refinishing of all the sole throughout the boat.



Winter Coat

The full winter cover was installed over the weekend. The company that made it, Lohmann Covers, are one of the best manufacturers of boat covers and although expensive, the product is superior.

The cover can be unzipped around the pilothouse windows to let light in when we are down on the boat in the winter. A great product. 🙂