Well I’m going to bite the bullet and fork out a few boat bucks on a new tender.

We really liked the 11’7″ Boston Whaler that came with Soul Balladeer but she had her limitations. There wasn’t much freeboard  with two passengers onboard unless of course you were on the  step. She had a 30 hp 2 stroke Suzuki which I really admire mainly because it was bullet proof. It is old, not pretty but wow, she is an energizer bunny.

So, after much deliberation, we have decided to go with an AB Nautilus 12 ft RIB. With the upturned bow she will be dry most of the time and it allows us to mount a couple Scotty’s on her for fishing as well.  She is fitted with a Yamaha 40 HP and has an integral aluminum fuel tank with 13 gals onboard. Wow! The existing davits will need just minor changes made in order to accommodate “Stella” on the Stern.

I’m having a Dragon Fly7 installed when I pick her up at the end of Feb and I’ve decided that we’ll get a trailer for her as well. This will give us more flexibility if we decide to go on a few day trips in the local area as well as keeping her covered in the garage when not in use.

We picked up two Mustang floater suits which hopefully will extend the runabout season as well.

Rock On.



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