Safe Harbour


I wrote awhile back about how we have been busy this year . Busy is such an unassuming word. Using it implies that one basically “got things done”. It does not, however, lend insight into what actually transpired while one “got things done”.

Every sailor that has plied the seas, has at one time or another, dreamed of reaching a safe harbour. These thoughts were perhaps more often than not, conjured up during an October gale as the sailors’ ship was racing down the face of a 30 foot wave.

“Oh, to be on solid footing, where  waves can be heard crashing upon a distant shore”.

These two sailors decided to ensure that indeed, we do have a safe harbour to return to and that this would be our special place. Of course, it is close to the sea so that we may feel her energy during an autumn storm and the tranquility she provides on a calm summer evening.

Our safe harbour is partially complete as I write. Soul Balladeer waits quietly in her slip. She is loved. Soon we will venture forth, knowing that Soul Balladeer will provide safe haven until we reach our safe harbour.

Henley (96).jpg13418448_10153752656135945_3223684728593354269_o.jpg13487843_10153766242850945_1218872096_n.jpg13458564_10153778594260945_2446042004080298802_o.jpg13710549_10153845721330945_6392950754897097450_o.jpgIMG_4175.jpgIMG_4177.JPGimg_4395







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