Its been awhile since I have added a post. As most of us have figured out, life is what happens when you are making plans, and the last 5 months are testament to that.

Soul Balladeer has been resting at the dock while we have been tending to things ashore. Work has taken up a great deal of time and hopefully we can adjust that in the future but for now, we are pretty busy.

I’m looking forward to the time when Denise and I will be able to throw off the dock lines and disappear along the coast for a period of time. Taking pics of wildlife and painting them at home during the winter months is definitely on the bucket list. I am fortunate enough to have time to dabble in painting during the evenings when I am away at work as it’s a great stress reducer and I’m learning more with every stroke.

Here is my first attempt at painting birds with attitude:  Oil on Acrylic



I have almost finished my second one so hopefully it will turn out and I can post it soon.

We all have our passions in life and if there is one lesson I have learned in this journey, it is to follow your passion whatever it may be. Live LARGE folks.

One thought on “Passion

  1. Vic Folsom says:

    Great to see your post. Fred & I thought we would be out your way again this summer but the Universe had a different plan for us…still we admire the photo of Soul Balladeer we took last September in Campbell River (currently my screen background so I drool over her on a daily basis) and will be back on the water east coast of U.S. By September.
    Living large absolutely! Peace and blue skies to you, Vic Folsom

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