As Good as It Gets

The washer/ dryer is now installed. We ran the plumbing off the lines that went to the aft head. In addition the 1 1/4 inch drain line has a dedicated bronze thruhull above the water line on the starboard side.

The venting was a bit of an issue , however, I decided to get the metal shop to fabricate a vent that would fit into the existing porthole situated in the workshop area. The SS vent ended in a 4″ diameter hole in order to mate with the dryer hose. A rubber gasket was fit around the vent so that it would fit tightly in the porthole. Finally, a SS eyebrow was fabricated and installed on the outside of the porthole in order that while at port, the rain wouldn’t run into the vent.

Running the dryer exhaust through a porthole allows us to close it up when underway as well.

Eventually we will encase the washer/dryer in a nice teak cabinet. For now, I just like looking at it. Only someone with sea legs can fully appreciate my last comment.:)


I should mention that this unit weighs 140 lbs. In order to get it down to where it now sits, I took off the front knobs and the front door. Dan and I then gently lowered it through the companionway from the pilothouse to the lower salon with 1/8 inch of clearance on each side. It was definitely a “wow” moment.

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