Comforts of Home

It is pretty safe to say that Denise and I have both roughed it when we were younger. Whether  living out of a tent on the edge of a oil rig lease in Alberta (Me), or crewing aboard a 33 ft fishing boat off the west coast of Haida Gwaii (Denise), we have both been there and done that.

Now, in our 50’s, we look at things a little differently. Yes we could use a scrub board or spend hours at a laundry mat , but hey, why not bite the bullet and get a marine washer/ dryer.

We just ordered a Splendide W/D vented 2100 XC . The unit will arrive on the 23rd so I’ll make a trip to the business that has ordered it for us and have it installed by Christmas.

It really will be a comfort in Soul Balladeer, our new home.


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