Moving Aboard

Life really is a journey.

If anyone had told me 5 years ago that I would be moving aboard our HC 44 PH (that I hadn’t bought yet) with my future wife (whom I hadn’t reconnected with yet), I would consider them to be a “few stands off bottom.” This is an old oil patch term for being, of course….. crazy.

Well put away the white suit, all the above and more has transpired since 2010.

I have reconnected with my darling wife, we have gotten married, we have both sold homes, purchased  a home, sold that, purchased a very tired Soul Balladeer, purchased acreage for our future forever home, and now, in 6 days, we will be moving aboard Soul Balladeer. Wow.

There are many that dream of the dream….to live a minimalist yet enriched life on a yacht. To live out of the box, or perhaps, in a box.

I can say one thing with conviction for any male contemplating such a move. Your dream will only be a fantasy unless your partner, aka the boss, is the type that approaches life as you do. How is that you ponder? Well, LIFE is a blank page that can be anything you want it to be….just write the script.

Be bold, for one day, you will be old.

So, our 4 grown children are going to be spending Christmas with us aboard this year. It will be a Christmas of connection, not consumption. I’m sure we will be bumping into one another as we navigate the passageways, but we will undoubtedly connect in a traditional sense, engage and perhaps learn more about ourselves and each other.

For me, that is the prize.

2 thoughts on “Moving Aboard

  1. Vic Folsom says:

    Ahhhh, Soul Balladeer…we wish you all of the very best and whatever of the bad you need to learn the lessons coming your way.

    Fred, my husband/partner in all things, and I have been following the Hans Christian PH44s and your Soul Balladeer for a while now. We wandered through the docks in Campbell River this fall, and saw Soul Balladeer. Very drawn by her lines, we bee-lined to her and I took a number of photos. Several months later, I stumbled on your blog and shared it with Fred. He took one look and said ‘that’s the boat from Campbell River!’

    We currently work as captain and mate on a 95′ Northern Marine out of Anacortes,WA and are constantly refining our thoughts of our own liveboard. Perhaps our paths will cross sometime in 2016. Do you have a cruising itinerary?

    And here is my variation on a traditional blessing:

    Here’s to a long cruise
    and a merry one,
    A fair wind
    and a following one,
    A trim ship
    and a steady one,
    And a fine adventure
    and another one.

    Blue skies,

    • Hi Vic. Thank you for your kind words. Soul Balladeer is a fine little ship although much smaller than the Northern Marine you both work aboard. As you know from our blog she was tired when we took her on and although it has been challenging at times, she always brings a smile to my face when I sit in the pilothouse and just take her in.

      Love your variation on a traditional blessing. Thank you.

      We will be cruising over the next few years as time permits. Most likely we will cast off the lines sometime in late April, early May for a few days and then perhaps again in Sept.

      In a few years we will be going up the coast to Alaska, across to Haida Gwaii and down to Vancouver Island. Probably will allow 6 months to really take it all in.

      All the best.

      Fair Winds,


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