Bute Inlet

We finally made our way up to Bute Inlet. It is a deep fiord approx 45 miles long that is quite remote. There are few anchorages along the shoreline as the banks drop off rapidly to 2100 ft deep.

I wanted to make it to the headwaters where the Southgate and Homathko rivers empty into the Inlet. It has been a banner year for the salmon fishery and the fish were jumping all around the shoreline when we took our tender (Otter’s pocket), out for a tour of the Moh Creek area. Southgate and Homathko are well known for grizzly bear sightings in the late summer as they feed on the salmon and I was hopeful that we would get a front row seat.

The waters on the way up the inlet are turquoise in colour from the glacial sediment that pours into the inlet from the Homathko ice field as well as the Waddington range. It really is a beautiful sight.

We set anchor at Moh creek which was a little intimidating given the lack of level seabed. I monitored the movement on the plotter throughout the night (throughout the whole night) and as Soul Balladeer swung on the hook, the depth changed from a minimum of 29 feet to a maximum of 108 ft.  I had approximately 130 ft of chain out. I didn’t want to put more out because, again the seabed dropped off rapidly. When I set the anchor I could feel the bow swing into the hook so I knew we had a solid bite but nevertheless, I was up most of the night .

The September mornings on the west coast are just the right mix of crispness and warmth. Our first morning was no exception. It was overcast with the odd cell coming through, yet it was comfortable.

We had a coffee and decided to get underway in order to make it to the prime anchorage area at the head of Bute Inlet. When we lifted the anchor, she had a fair bit of clay on her fluke so as I thought, we did set her solidly the night before.

We motored about 100 yards and then…..our day suddenly became much more interesting….to be continued….





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