The Rudderless Ship


All the work is completed at Ocean Pacific. The whole thing was , of course, avoidable, but I guess it did bring to light that we needed extra zincs as well. 

Darcy is doing the final installation on the propane stove in the galley and completing the plumbing hookup.

Kevin at Altech will be calibrating the day fuel tank. ( 40 gals).I decided to purchase an inline meter and have it permanently installed onboard. This will allow calibration of the rest of the tanks at a later date. We were planning on calibrating all the tanks on the hard but Ocean Pacific’s insurance doesn’t allow fuel transfers in the yard. This is bizarre because we do it all the time in aviation. as long as you take the correct measures to ensure that possible spills can be contained etc, there is never a problem.

On the 27th, Darcy and I will run out the anchor chain, mark it appropriately and then…..on the tide, on the morning of Aug 28th, Denise and I will be off on our little adventure. 

I’m hoping to see some bears in Bute inlet. I have just purchased some camera equipment so I can finally, after 24 years, spend time with nature, taking pictures that hopefully capture the spirit of the wilderness in BC. I’ll add a page for the camera details in case anyone out there in cyberland is interested in what I will be using to capture some nice pics.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the rudder shoe fix.




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