Stay The Course….

Well…there are things that happen in life that make you go….hmmmm

The boys from Altech diesel were moving the boat from its slip to the travel lift yesterday in order to calibrate the fuel tanks, service some seacocks etc. Shortly thereafter I received this email from the manager at Altech:


“Hi Shannon, We have the vessel relocated at Ocean Pacific on the hard. However shortly after untying and maneuvering the vessel the rudder fell off. We did not incur any damage to your vessel or any other. We will hire a diver to retrieve it and investigate how this could happen.”   Gord


I’m sorry but this is a ” WTF” moment.

I called Gord immediately ( I’m 12 hours ahead right now), to find out what was going on. Gord told me that the diver was on scene and was ready to retrieve the rudder from the marina bottom so he had to run, but he did say that there are unconfirmed reports from people onsite that there were possibly mild steel bolts used when the rudder was serviced by another yard 1.5 years ago.

I called the other yard manager and he almost fell off his chair when I told him the rudder fell off and the boat had not been moved in over a year while it was being refit. The liability could rest with his yard and he was very quiet as I led him through the event.

So, I consider this a lucky event . Yes, it is one of the worst things that could possibly happen to a vessel , however, it happened in a place where it could be dealt with as pretty much a non event. Obviously the rudder will be installed properly now, and there was no damage to the vessel (prop etc). I havent received word of the condition of the rudder but I am optimistic that if there is any damage, it will be minimal.

Denise will be going down to the yard to take pictures of the boat on the hard and we will be forwarding the pics of these corroded bolts to the yard that did the work on the rudder previously.

Just another thing…..


IMG_0010_2 IMG_0003_2



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