Final Preparations

I know…nothing is ever final when you own a boat. 

I’m at work at the moment and Soul Balladeer is being pampered and getting her nails done. Well, perhaps more than her nails.

The wiring of the new Victron system has been going on at a slow pace, mainly because i am away and Ian and I agreed that he would  do the work around other jobs. I’ll be back home in June so there will be a big push to changeout the house batteries with the 155 AH AGM’s etc and switch the system over to the new Victron system.

Meanwhile, the two new refrigeration systems have been installed and are waiting eagerly to contribute to life away from the dock.

Alfred is onboard now, replacing the countertop that had to be removed while replacing the refrigeration plate as well as stripping, sanding and refinishing the pilothouse teak. The galley required to be stripped then sanded , prior to varnishing, however, it looks like we will get by with a light 220 sand and varnish on the areas that have received less wear over the years. He should have it done in 2 weeks so it will be another thing completed on S/B’s journey back to her former glory.

Denise came to the rescue the other day….Alfred was trying to match 34 year old  laminate with stock in a store and there was nothing that was really close to what we needed. They visited a few shops and the last one told Denise and Alfred that the laminate we needed was a special crystal based laminate that had to be ordered and delivery was 6 weeks. OUCH!.

Well, the lady then hesitated and then said..” Wait here for a second”…she disappeared and came back after a few minutes with a half a sheet of laminate that matched almost perfectly in texture and colour. She had it in the back for years. For $10 she handed it over to Denise and Alfred and we were moving forward again…

So then the light came on…..$10….that would NEVER happen to me…… Denise doesn’t know it yet but S/B and I have discussed and subsequently nominated her to represent us in all things that could possibly cost more than one boat buck ( 1000 normal bucks). Denise is obviously a treasure chest of untapped talent!! 

The fuel and water tanks will be calibrated over the next few weeks. It was going to be done last fall but life gets busy. Darcy will be doing it for me so it should be completed before I get back in June.

Things are on track for Denise and I to disappear  for 3 weeks in Aug/ Sept. 🙂


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