Electrical System Upgrade

Since we now have a beautiful , very quiet  6KVA generator, it is natural to increase the capacity of our “house” system in order to prevent excessive use of the generator and other charging components.

So….after much deliberation, I have decided to go with :

6 AGM 245AH house Batteries ( they weigh 154 pounds each) and yes, they are worth their weight in gold. They have an estimated lifespan of 7-10 years if they are discharged/charged properly. The jury is out….

Victron 3.8 KVA 115/230 Auto Isolation Transformer

2 Victron Multiplus Inverter Chargers linked in parallel ( 3KVA each)

Phoenix remote control panel (monitors 3 stages of charging cycle)

Battery Monitor (with remote)

Victron Global Remote ( sends messages to my cell phone if the house batteries lose excessive charge or over temp. Also gives free access to Victron’s webpage where charging cycles, temperature history etc can be monitored while offsite ( commonly referred to as…”at work”)

I’ll be ordering the components today (March 11) and they will be delivered within 2 weeks. The whole system will be installed by the first week of April and I’ll post pics .



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