Northern Lights Generator Installation

Before we installed the generator, I decided that it would be very nice to insulate the engine room – or at least the area around the generator before we installed it. Northern lights has a great reputation for a quiet product and although I bought the factory sound shield with the unit, further soundproofing the area would only help to keep the noise where it should be- down there, away from us.

I found an expensive product called “Sounddown” which basically is one inch thick foam with a rubber barrier in the middle. the surface facing the engine room has a foil facing as well. On top of the “Sounddown”, I installed white coloured sheets of perforated aluminum and secured it with SS screws and SS raised washers. It really cleaned the place up.

The added advantage of the aluminum is that it makes it easier to attach electrical and plumbing lines properly. All in all, it makes for a nice finished product when you are done.

I also wired in another engine room light that eliminated shadows around the engines and will make it easier to service things in the future.

The generator was lowered into position, the fuel lines, a new RACOR filter, etc attached and over the course of a few days, the new generating system was operational.

The hydraulic bowthruster has a 40 gallon hydraulic oil tank attached to it and unfortunately, it has to be located above the engine. To reduce the possibility of hydraulic oil running onto a hot engine if the hydraulic system ever sprung a leak, we made a drip tray that fits under the tank.

The good news is that  the generator is the last major refit item required. We now have a new engine, new transmission with hyd PTO and a new generator.

A few more smaller items…hot water tank, new granite counters in the galley that I decided to replace after replacing the refrigeration system, a new galley sink with new fixtures including a galley potable water hand pump.

Should be good to go for August/ Sept when Denise and I will take some time away from it all….

6KVA genny in place

shannons pics 008Remote start for generator

shannons pics 010

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