The End Game

As we prepare Soul Balladeer for her next 30 years,  there are times when i just can’t help but get excited when I think of our adventures ahead.

I mentioned before that I will be taking pictures of wildlife on the coast of BC and then painting them in the off season. I really don’t have a background in painting other than taking a class in high school from Mark Hobson whom is an old friend and a renowned wildlife artist. Please check out his website if you have a chance…

So, I guess the question is, why paint ? Have you ever done something that brings you balance and peace? Well, that is it. Its the process that is the reward. The world is moving faster and faster and sometimes it is nice to jump off the train, kick back and just focus on….feathers.

Below is a painting that brought me a lot of satisfaction when I completed it in 2003. There are many things incorrect with it of course, but there are also things that I find pleasant about it.. Even now, 10 years after painting it, I get a peaceful easy feeling when I take the time to take it in.


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