When I first started the refrigeration system aboard Soul Balladeer, I noticed immediately that the compressor was a little loud. Not deafening, but for sure you would notice it when in the galley or in the aft stateroom. I checked it out and found that it was a relatively new model so age was not the source of the noise.

Lucky for me, another Hans Christian owner , Ken, has been in touch and suggested that I look into the “Cool blue” system . This is a DC system that is air cooled , therefore cancelling the requirement for seawater cooling. It is very quiet and uses half the amp hours that a seawater cooled system does.

One thing that the owner of “Cool Blue” ( , Rich, shared with me is that many of his customers have had hard ice cream while cruising in the tropics. Ok….that’s a definite selling point. 🙂 One of the testimonials included a cruising couple that had cruised 14,000 miles without a problem with the system.

After discussing with Rich, I decided to buy two complete systems, one for the refrigeration box and the other for the freezer box. Rich is a customer driven businessman and gave me an excellent price for both systems. A key selling point is that this system can be serviced by the customer to recharge the system. In the long run, this will save expensive refrigeration technician labour.

I’ll be installing them in December and will post pictures of the install, and might add a video of them operating. Rich tells me that I should be able to install one unit in approximately 4 hours.

I’m looking forward to this essential system upgrade for Soul Balladeer!!

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