Fuel and Water Capacity

One of the things that kind of jumped out at us when we were bringing Soul Balladeer home, was that she didn’t have a monitoring system installed for fuel. Either the past owners had known the capacity of individual tanks and logged the fuel burn, or they dipped the tanks….hmmm….dont think so.

So… I researched what i thought is the best system for non symmetrical tanks and came up with the BEP tank monitoring system. Its labour intensive to install but once you have it up and working, it takes the guesswork out of things.


Unless you know the accurate tank volume from previous owners, you have to spend the time to measure your tanks. In our case its a pain, but again, once its done, it gives peace of mind. The BEP system inputs in percentage of tank capacity so to calibrate each tank you have to:

1. Fill the tank to the top.

2. Empty the tank  through a metered pump to determine full capacity.

3. Calculate the five different % marks that the BEP system requires for calibration.

4. Pump the fuel back in the tank, stopping at calculated volume station ( ie: 0%, 12% 35%,50%….etc) and programme the BEP controller accordingly.

5. Repeat for all tanks.

The advantage to the BEP monitoring system, is that it is relatively easy to add monitoring of essential AC/DC systems . I’ll be adding 800 AHrs of house batteries next year so it will be a great addition to monitoring the cranking batteries for the engine and generator as well.


Fair winds







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