Northern Lights

I have been trying to decide whether to replace the old 12.5 KVA YanMar generator onboard for something smaller. Since we have removed the old electric stove /oven and replaced it with a Force 10 propane unit, the same question keeps coming up…do we need all that power?

Yes, it is installed already, however, the unit itself is huge and drastically hinders access to the port side of the engine. Couple that with the fact that the unit is old and loud. The waterlift needs replacing as well as senders and the wiring needs attention. OK…time to go…

So, I made the decision yesterday to go with a brand new 6KVA Northern lights marine generator and plunked a deposit down in order to get things moving on the order.  We’ll go with the heat exchanger option , waterlift exhaust, sound shield and GENSEP. The gensep basically separates the water from the air after the water lift . It prevents the gurgling sound of the exhaust when you are running the generator which makes you everyone’s friend in a crowded moorage. With the sound shield, life inside Soul Balladeer is much much much quieter as well.

I just want to add how important it is to have a solid mechanic/ systems repair fellow at hand for projects such as these. Yes, I could do most of the work myself, however, time is money and my time is taken up for the most part.

Enter Darcy Bain.  Darcy’s troubleshooting skills are excellent and he is………honest.  This is a virtue that seems to be lost on many in this faced paced world of ours. I appreciate integrity when I see it and Darcy is refreshing.

So….as Darcy was checking the old generator out he also discovered that the thruhull did not close all the way. This will be addressed when we pull Soul Balladeer for the install. We will also have to install 3 more thru hulls…one for the Gensep ,one for the 32 gal/ hour watermaker that is being installed in the spring , and another for the water intake for the generator.  Of course there was an intake before, however, the previous owner shared that intake for both the engine and the generator. NOT a good idea.

Finally, this will give us the opportunity to really clean up the engine room. Yes we have come a long way but we have a long way to go in order to get the engine room how I want it- Clean, organized and did I mention organized.

Looking forward to adding light to our Northern nights! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. Paul says:

    I look forward to detailed installation pictures and maybe a youtube video to show how noisy or quiet it is… Enjoy

  2. I’ll be onsite for the install so we’ll have lots of pics. Youtube post is a possibility as well.

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