Koh Chang

After the wedding , Denise and I scampered off to Thailand for 10 days. Initially we were going to take Soul Balladeer out for a trip through Desolation Sound but our fine lady wasn’t quite ready to go. Both Denise and I also needed some time to just kick back and completely relax. Its been a busy 3 years and sometimes you just have to do…..nothing. 🙂

We had a wonderful time at the Tropicana Resort and Spa. We hit the monsoon season but that in itself was special. We encountered big fat rain…the kind that Forrest Gump experienced in the jungle.

After a few days we decided that Thai massage was on the menu and so we tried different places and different kinds of massage. The highlight for me was the 1.5 hour foot massage….wow…..we were walking on sunshine at the end of it.

The lymph drainage massage was an interesting concept. Hardly felt a thing as they massaged away but I was informed by Denise afterwards that I fell asleep 10 minutes into it….gone….

A highlight on Koh Chang was the jungle elephant ride. We made friends with a taxi driver and he took us to the best place on the island for elephant rides. We opted for the 2 hour ride which included a swim with the elephants  at the end of it. Denise was not expecting to actually go swimming with them but sure enough, we swam out to the elephant and climbed on his back. Soon Denise was scrubbing the elephants head in the river with a scrub brush…how cool is that?  🙂


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