Chinese Museum in Thailand

If there is one place I would highly recommend to visit if you are ever in Thailand, it is the Chinese museum that is located half way between Ban Chang and Pattaya. It is a very special place that consists of numerous chinese artifacts as well as other donated art pieces from private individuals.

There are two 1/3 size chariots complete with teams of terracotta horses on display. They were removed from the tomb of 8000+ terracotta warriors at X’ian, China and presented to the King of Thailand. In fact, almost everything in the museum has been donated to the King of Thailand.

As one walks through the museum, you are held in awe of the ancient Chinese culture that surrounds you. These people were so advanced. There was the first known earthquake measuring device, an ink printing tablet….the list goes on..

We stopped in to see a former colleague , Khun Pao, and her mother. Together we went to the museum and then out for a beautiful dinner at Silver Lake. Khun Pao is the first female helicopter pilot in Thailand and we flew together from 2004-2008. She is now flying the big iron ( Sikorsky S-92) at Thai Aviation Services (TAS). Pao’s mother is a gem. She loves Bon Jovi and rocks on whenever she hears the band’s tunes.


Funeral chariot from the tomb of terracotta warriors at X’ian, china.

Enjoy the photos…..


A lovely lady and two Terracotta Warriors from X’ian.


Bronze statues 850 years old (back facing to the picture) of the emperor and his family


Close up of emperor, family and servants, bronze, circa 1200 AD.


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