The Day of Days

1380365_10151728565625945_1368698458_nThe year is skipping by… I am back in Azerbaijan putting out fires (figuratively speaking), missing all segments of my family back home. Individuals that have done tour life know what I am referring to when I say we all take turns “riding the wave”. During my time in international aviation, everyone I have ever met through the years has experienced incredible highs and lows while working in what many would consider “exotic places”. This time away helps one gain a heartfelt appreciation for time spent on little things….a family fruit run to a local grocery store, when you are jet-lagged having just arrived back in town. What most would label obscure events, tend to become important milestones in our lives. There is one day that stands apart from the rest….yes it is a milestone, because perhaps it is the most important decision that a person can make. Get it wrong and life will be difficult at best. Get it right and….well….its just very nice moving with the current, instead of fighting it. September 7 2013 is such a day. It is the “Day of Days” It is the day that I will marry the love of my life. It is the day when we will finally, after 30 years, be as one. It is the day that two  people whom met on a summer night so long ago , will share with friends and family, what they understand and embrace love to be. It is the day when life will be as it should….

4 thoughts on “The Day of Days

  1. Paul says:

    I just started reading your blog. Congrats on the wedding. After 30 years that makes it so much more special. Cheers

  2. Raffe Taker says:

    Well said Shannon! I’m extremely glad for you both. Happy days, I would like to be there to celebrate with you. I’ll have to wish you my best the next time we meet.

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