Boat Dollars and Birthdays

Well its May 23, 2013 and as I write I am in Baku, Azerbaijan having a coveted cappuccino from Caramel Cafe (actually just changed their name to “Cheers”). I feel a little guilty for taking the afternoon off today but hey..its my birthday and I had a pretty hectic morning at work.

It was nice to hear from Denise , my girls, and friends out there in cyberland today. Its just very nice when you are away from home, making it happen and people take the time to wish you well . Thanks very much! 🙂

I mentioned before that we would be taking Soul Balladeer away for a few days at the end of June. It will be nice to get away with my sweetie.

In preparation for the planned summer/ fall cruising, I have asked a few fellas from Campbell River to go through the house systems on the boat so that I know everything works when we are out in desolation sound. Here’s what we are servicing:

1. Both fwd and aft heads: Vaccuflush systems serviced, checked, plumbed where necessary and good to go.

2. Domestic water pump: Replaced the pump with a newer, quieter one that doesn’t have a bent shaft. Sheesh.

3. Removed electric stove/ oven , measured up the space and buying a built-in Dickenson or Force -10 range. Just dont have the room to gimbal the oven so it will have to suffice. Both are nice units and we’ll go for the propane option.

4. Removed old (original), worn out, broken, ugly, leaking( it has to be leaking after 30 years right?) microwave. We’ll replace with a nice one in june.

5. Windlass: I asked the electrician to check out the windlass to see if it worked. Nope. Actually, it does work but is in need of servicing, cleaning. While the guts are being looked after, we’ll look after the corrosion on the bottom of it (see pics below) by sandblasting and painting it. A new isolator will be added between the windlass and the metal mounting plate in order to prevent the dance of dissimilar metals from taking place once again.

6. BBQ; Going with a dickenson large BBQ mounted on the rail next to the propane bottles and locker that I’m buying soon.

7. New hot water heater. The element is burnt out in the old one and I dont know if it is corroded inside. (Ha!  of course its corroded , what am I thinking? )

By the way…some may be asking..”What is a boat dollar?”  Boat dollars are a very different breed from house dollars. When you spend house dollars they last, whereas boat dollars last for a little while (if you’re lucky).  Everything with the word “marine” attached to it automatically crosses into a different realm. This includes all items, from the smallest nut, washer, clamp or doohickey. There is a reason marine supply store owners are smiling when you walk in the door.  Their kids attend the best schools paid for with…. boat dollars. That elusive fly away vacation you were planning on taking but had to put it off due to “repairs?” Yep…you guessed it, the guys at the marine supply store are booked on the flight, having used…..boat dollars.

One boat dollar = 1000 house dollars.

Dont get me wrong here….I enjoy spending money on my other woman, just not all the time…lol

Fair Winds

windlass in pain


Assorted pumps

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