Summer Fun

Have been going over all the systems in Soul Balladeer the last few months. We’ll be taking her out to desolation sound for a few days at the end of June/ early July and I’d like to have some peace of mind.

First, the fuel/ water  monitoring system needs to be installed. We are getting prices on the system we have chosen and I’m counting on it being installed by the third week of June. We’ll have the water tanks, (all 3 of them) cleaned out and probes  installed in much the same manner as the fuel tanks.

The vacuflush heads are getting a once over as well.

The water heater looks a little questionable so I’m having the boys check it over and we’ll replace it if necessary. Eventually we’ll be installing a water maker ( 400 series) with auto back flush capability so that will make life nice onboard.

The oven will be replaced with a propane  stove/ oven this fall. We’ll be updating the microwave too.

The refrigeration needs servicing and will be done within the month. We have a new compressor but the plates need to be looked at and possibly replaced.

Washdown pump- Going to install a salt water/ freshwater wash down pump before the summer too.


Looking forward to spending some well earned R+R with Denise soon.

In September, we will be going out for a few weeks in desolation sound for our honeymoon.  🙂





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