NMEA 2000

In a previous post I mentioned that we had a few technical glitches along the way to Campbell River, one of which included the fuel system.

Once things settled at the marina, we met our new neighbours and then it was time to deal with the lack of a fuel monitoring system. Oh yes…its a pretty good idea to be able to determine fuel onboard as well as fuel flow when one is motoring around…

So…I’m undecided at the moment but I am leaning towards an NMEA 2000 compatible system. I have to determine if the tanks will be compatible with the ultrasonic sensors but if they are, the NMEA 2000 setup really is a step above the rest.

A step above in price too!! 😦

Well we’ll see what happens in the next while…I’m going to start looking at the reviews of systems such as these. If anyone has information, positive or negative, I’d really appreciate your thoughts.

We are now starting to plan our first getaway…it’ll be at the end of June/ early July. It is a precursor to our honeymoon in September.:)

We’ll get married and then disappear for two weeks in desolation sound …a rest from from cellphones, helicopters, cellphones, work, and….did I mention cellphones?

Still, there are things to have serviced before then…the refrigeration system (the cold plate), the hot water heater, more electrical stuff and of course, the fuel management system.

Fair winds…

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