The Trip Home

We managed to get the autopilot fixed on the morning of the 28th and departed for Campbell River at 11 am . We had a relaxing trip down the river and it was fun to see all the commercial traffic going about their day.

The weather couldn’t have been better for the trip home. Denise and I spent some time together at the bow, while Jim took the helm which allowed us to just take in the moment…it had been a few months since the detour for the repower.

When we reached the mouth of the Fraser River, Soul Balladeer passed gracefully over the almost calm waters and up the strait we went… soon we had porpoises swimming alongside the bow…

We had a few technical glitches along the way, but overall, the trip was wonderful. We stopped in Nanaimo the first evening, slept on the boat and I got up pretty early for ….COFFEE. 🙂

Once we had our coffee fix, we motored over to the dock for fuel and filled the tanks. The fuel tank story happens to be one of those technical glitches I was referring to. Anyway, we are still learning the systems on the boat and all worked out. We were off in no time and made our way to Campbell River. The groundspeed indicated more than 7 knots the whole way which was due to an incoming tide which pushed us along nicely.

As we approached Cape Mudge near Campbell River, the tidal flow reversed and the groundspeed decayed to just over 3 knots. I remember thinking that the whole pacific ocean is behind this current so we really werent doing too bad. We only had 3 miles to go so we picked a route closer to shore, hoping for an eddy current and sure enough, our groundspeed was up to 9.2 knots….wow.

Soul Balladeer gracefully slipped into Discovery Harbour Marina just before dark. She is a heavy vessel so the guiding rule is…only go as fast as you want to hit something at…. to me that means…creeping along….:)  We got her into her slip, and put her to bed for the evening….We were pretty tired.

The next day we saw Jim off to his home and returned to the boat to work on a few things and to give her a good cleaning after her trip. We put the canvas on all the teak and then sadly, it was time for me to return to work the following day.

Denise and I had a wonderful time and were thankful that Jim came with us for the trip. He is a nice fellow and I would recommend him to anyone for a yacht delivery.

Our baby is finally…..home.

R + R on the River DSC00338 Little friends Chilling out.. Passing BC Ferries at Departure Bay DSC00353 Nanaimo Harbour Slipping through the Strait Ahoy! Tired...but happy to be here :)

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