What’s In A Name?

Changing the name of oneself is something that includes a great deal of thought, for, after all, none of us had a lot of input of what  our given names would ultimately be at the start of our journey. The decision to change your name is therefore a very personal undertaking that one believes truly reflects their identity in life.

Renaming a boat is a very personal pursuit as well. Every boat owner that I have known has talked of their boat’s personality, needs and wants. This personification is widely accepted by the boating community, probably because after the “old gal” has managed to strip you of any excess cash you may have had, you feel that there is  purpose to her life.   Since we as owners, have a vested interest in this relationship, we tend to overlook the negative traits of our lady and focus on how she enriches our lives in other ways.

Soul Balladeer is a reflection of two long journeys that have ended with two individuals finally making it “home” to one another. The love they share for each other, as well as their love of the sea, soothes their souls as they continue on their journey as one.

Fair Winds….


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