A Dog’s Breakfast

As with any project on a vessel the age of Soul Balladeer, when one decides to “fix” something, that decision is sure to lead to multiple unplanned trips to the money tree.

While sorting out the transmission/hydraulic PTO options, the fellows at Bracewell broke the news… “Shannon , we (as in me) have a bigger problem.”

Now, when a project is initially estimated and colourful words such as expensive are loosely  tossed around on the lunchroom floor,  the words “bigger problem” have a profound effect on a fellow like me …..Ouch!

The engine room wiring was “A Dog’s Breakfast.” The battery cables were connected in a manner that looked like a sprawling red spider which, to put it frankly, was a fire waiting to happen. There was also a dead short in the ground and to top it off someone, at some point, had spliced in household outdoor orange extension wire into three of Soul Balladeer’s circuits.

This is one of those times when you open the wallet, take out the pen and start writing. You don’t look up until you are finished writing. While this act of purification by pain is underway, one finds that a coping mechanism kicks in and somehow it becomes a justifiable expense…you see…you needed to lose some weight after the holidays anyway so you can justify eating less over the next month. It’s all good.

 Whatever the cost could be is nothing compared to the consequences of “doing the ostrich”. In the end, for 2k the wiring was sorted, and we were on our way forward….again.Image

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