Rip and Tear

Its been a great holiday. Had a wonderful time sharing Christmas and the holidays with Denise, her children and of course my girls. We had a great time on Mt Washington skiing for a day..gorgeous blue skies and lots of snow….so nice to be home in BC, in particular on the island.

Tim at Bracewell has been busy. After I met with them on Dec 20th, we decided to pull a lot of the  hoses and redundant systems out of the engine bay.  The picture shows just how much “extra” stuff was there.

Of course, once one starts to rip and tear, other issues are bound to come to the surface. The wiring in the engine bay is a mess and so we are now looking at spending a few days tidying it up and ensuring that the wiring connections etc, meet code.

I’m returning to work tomorrow but will try to get by the yard to talk to Tim to see what we are up against with the wiring issues.

Happy New Year!Image

One thought on “Rip and Tear

  1. R.D.K says:

    The lines of the HC really do inspire confidence…confidence that she’ll handle anything from a dropped glass of Gurwurstraminer to a full force gale.

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