Isuzu 6BG1

Well we went with the Isuzu 6 cyl naturally aspirated engine in the end. The engine will fit the existing engine mounts although we will have to raise the engine 5 inches to allow for the transmission to line up with the drive shaft.

The boys at Bracewell think that we should use the existing keel cooler that is installed on the boat instead of going with the heat exchanger option. I’m in agreement if there are no added maintenance issues with the keel cooler. Apparently Soul Balladeer has a top end keel cooler that hasn’t been used in awhile. Of course we will confirm that the keel cooler is functional before committing to it.

Now the transmission… the constant drive PTO on the ZF 68 is a type A and therefore does not accommodate the pressure requirements to drive the hydraulics when the engine is at idle( 700 rpm). I am sold on the hydraulics for the bow thruster because there are no duty times associated with its operation as there are with electric bow thrusters.

So… Tim at Bracewell is looking into a twin disc 5050 transmission. It is a commercial transmission but has a type B PTO that cranks out the required pressure when the engine is at idle.  I’ll be able to run lots of goodies off it down the road if I choose to so that is an added bonus. Speaking of goodies….there is a functional hydraulic bilge pump onboard without hoses connected that we are going to press into service.

Bottom line…we couldn’t leave the belt driven hydraulic pump arrangement because it would unduly stress the front of the crankshaft and,… well… we just don’t want to go there.

Another decision is to remove a 5KVA generator that is meant to be a backup for the Yanmar 12.5 KVA generator. It really isn’t big enough to run any major ancillaries if there is a problem with the Yanmar, so we are having it removed. This will free up space for a hydronic heating system for the boat ( Webasto or Kabola)

Denise recently shared…” Denise likes to be warm…”   Thats my cue to make the heating system a priority.:)

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