Spent most of the night last night speaking with marine diesel dealers. I wanted to get the JD 4045TFM50 TD but, as luck would have it, there are no such engines available in North America. Well, that isnt the complete truth…there is a marine JD 4045 in Seattle with electronic fuel metering but the dealership will not ship it. They want to keep it in their inventory for their local customers….It’s a new one for me where an affiliated dealership will not send a guaranteed sale item to another dealer. Business must be good when you can afford to hold inventory until you think have the “correct ” customer.

So….we are now venturing down ” Lugger ” lane. The L1064A is almost the same engine as the John Deere and there is one available in Seattle. The ZF220 transmission is a great match for the engine as well. I’m willing to bring out the big guns if required….Denise makes great cookies , ( I know this from the distant past), and those cookies can be very persuasive.

Waiting for quotes from two marine yards before deciding who we’ll use on the project…

One thought on “Decisions

  1. Check out
    These are state-of-the-art diesel machines. Especially look at the power generating capacity. You can forget your regular generator, or remove it.

    Fair winds.

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