Bringing Soul Balladeer Home…

Aug 23 2012

The plan to bring Soul Balladeer home had to be delayed for a few months in order to collect the pennies to pay the duty and taxes to the Canadian government.  That being done, we were all set to bring her north from La Conner , Washington.

We hired a Captain, Jim Jordan, to bring the boat to Vancouver where Denise and my daughter, Alana would meet them. Jim brought his girlfriend, Alicia along and they managed to pull up to the dock in Vancouver just after midnight. The next day customs was cleared and finally, Soul Balladeer was on her way home.!! The worst was behind us….:)

Three hours outside of Vancouver, Jim noticed the RPM fluctuate on the engine instrument and went below to check the situation out. When he opened the door, there was antifreeze from the engine spraying everywhere. Jim immediately shut down the engine to investigate further. At first, it looked like the thermostat housing was leaking. Further examination showed otherwise so Jim called a towing company and had our beloved boat towed into North Vancouver.

Raven Marine went to work on the girl and soon discovered that the problems were much worse than we thought. There was seawater in the cylinders… 😦 Uh oh…. Now, I’m not a mechanic but I do know that there are very specific places where fluids should be inside an engine and if I was a betting man, I’d bet that inside the cylinders is not one of those places.

Oh yes…definitely not one of those places…. The engine had to be completely rebuilt from the seawater damage. As John from Raven Marine was telling me the joyous news, I remember thinking it doesn’t hurt that much….but then of course he was still listing the things that would have to be done . I recall the moment when the hammer fell….its like when you have hurt yourself but your body still hasn’t figured out its hurt and basically you are still smiling…then suddenly, waves of excruciating pain overcome you and you believe the world is ending.  Yes, that is exactly what it was like.

Welcome to yacht ownership kept flashing in my mind.Image

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